Baxter Family Saga Book Series – Romance, Suspense, Drama

 Baxter Family Saga Book Series | Sacked & Tackled Book Series 

If you love romance stories with suspense and drama, that help you shed your life for a few hours and escape into another world, then Unchained  Hearts, Baxter Family Saga 1 may work for you. It’s got enough twists and turns to make readers liken it to a Lifetime TV movie. An interracial romance of two love stories in one that’s definitely worth the lack of sleep, guffaws and WTFs!

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Unchained Hearts, Baxter Family Saga Series, book 1 with extended scenes - AuthorPalessa.comCass Baxter is about to officially introduce himself to his grown daughter. Their fateful reunion reopens her past with his son.

It was Cass & Lila’s first romantic cruise getaway. They had it all planned. As she waited for Cass to park the care, seconds stretched into minutes that turned into a nightmare. Cass’ car had driven off the pier and crashed into the water…but it’s empty.

Where’s Cass?

Thirty years after his return, Newton Cassius “Cass” Baxter must find the strength to reintroduce himself to his now grown daughter, Kyle Avery, without his love by his side. It’s time to tell her about the insidious circumstances that kept her from knowing him and kept them from being a true family.

Learning about the decades old love between her mother and Cass is one shock she wasn’t sure how to absorb. Dealing with the sudden reappearance of the man she loved and lost, Brandon Hall, is another.

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Characterized by readers as a story that will make you cry, Portrait of Gray is an intense, emotional journey of Grayson Baxter through heartbreaking tragedy, convenient lies, family secrets, intense love and second chances.

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Portrait of Gray, Baxter Family Saga 2 - Palessa A heartbreaking tearjerker about tragedy, love and redemption

In the ultimate game of Russian Roulette, Grayson Baxter must pull the trigger to save his own life

Grayson Baxter teetered on the edge of a knife that now cut him to the quick. There he sat with the only friend he had ever known dying before his eyes. In the haze of dusk, he was alone and forcibly sobered toface the reality: it could have been him.

Looking over at the phone, he wondered what to do. Should he call the police, who would swoop and swarm without mercy? Would he call his father who threatened to shut him away from everything just so he could save the Baxter family name?

As darkness loomed, Grayson knew his time was running out. The ghosts were rising. It would take him crawling on his hands and knees to save his own life. No matter whom he called he could never have fathomed how much  more tragic his life would become.

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Book 3 in the Baxter Family saga series, Story of Us is historical fiction romance clothed in the contemporary as Gray and Cass are forced to go back into their family’s history to answer questions about how the Baxter legacy was crafted by the politics of love, secrets, broken hearts and well-placed lies no one could have ever imagined.

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Story of Us, Baxter Family Saga 3 by Palessa. A contemporary story of the historical romance that started it all.

In Washington, secrets are a commodity best played cold

Julian Baxter and Emiline Woodbridge were perfection together. Everyone knew it, especially his parents, Congressman Edward and Edith Baxter. But Washington politics has no use for happy endings.

Julian’s love for Emiline was meant to last but not to survive. To save the Baxter family legacy from destruction, he’s forced to break his own heart. They weren’t his secrets. They weren’t his lies, but his sacrifice would force him to chain himself to a woman he barely knows much less likes.

The worst part is that Emiline would never know why he was doing it. He couldn’t take the risk that she would try and stop him from executing his plan or, worse yet, forgive him. The cut had to be clean and cruel enough that he would hate himself more than she ever would. Julian Baxter’s world darkened the day he walked away from the only woman he would ever love to the woman who would become his everlasting curse.

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