Portrait of Gray, Baxter Family Saga Book 2

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Characterized by readers as a story that’ll make you cry (some said ugly cry), Portrait of Gray is an intense, emotional journey of Grayson Baxter through heartbreaking tragedy, convenient lies, family secrets, intense love, and second chances.

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ConPortrait of Gray, Baxter Family Saga by Palessa - Grayson Baxter's story of love, tragedy, secrets and redemptiontinuing the Baxter Family Saga, Portrait of Gray is the story of young Grayson Baxter, first born of Julian and Joan. He’s cared for and coddled by his matriarch Joan not because of love, but because of the secret in his eyes. As his younger brother Cass returns home to take his place as the future head of Baxter Chemicals, Grayson’s approach to life becomes more self-destructive and his drug use worsens. Believing his family hates him, he tries to break away but things go terribly wrong, forcing him to put is life back together. First love, family secrets, Baxter Family Saga, Book 2 - Portrait of Gray - The Story of Grayson Baxter's love, loss and redemptionthe disappearance of Cass, and tragedy threaten to tear him apart as he struggles to navigate the Baxter family legacy minefield. Twists and turns help Grayson finds his way from lost to redeemed

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