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Adventures in Bookmarketing – Amazon Marketing Services, Pt 1

I love marketing but was wary of  Amazon Marketing Services at first. I have know that Amazon was a pioneer in that type of related search technology long before it became an industry-wide practice. But AMS, at first, felt like a new pair of shoes: tight, uncomfortable, and in need of more time to stretch out before I shoved my big feet in them. So, I left it alone. Thanks to a Reedsy learning course, […]

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How to Improve Amazon (a View from the Publishing Side)

This is a GREAT and detailed article on some of the ways Amazon could really become a greater benefit to authors.  I would love to see them really support indies a bit more. I would also love to see them offer the ability to exercise coupons on our books, whether they’re in KU or not. So many great ideas. Check it out! Source: How to Improve Amazon (a View from the Publishing Side)

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Congrats on the Clair de Lune on her Upcoming Release – Looks HOT!

Upcoming release from Clair de Lune MASTERS TO THE RESCUE, Prometheus in Chains 13 #bdsm #erotic Blurb When the cat’s away the mouse will play. But when the cat is a Dom, the mouse better have an excellent reason for her deception. Master Angus is absent on business, but he knows his sub, Jane is hiding something from him. He comes home early to discover what it is and he finds himself joining forces with […]

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