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The Real Life Character Inspiration for Grayson Baxter Is Dead & I’m Not Sorry

Finding a source of character inspiration can be as easy as looking around at your own family & friends. Behind-the-scenes real life stories are standard stories. Life will always outdo fiction. The drama is when you’re dealing with topics like drug abuse. Those stealth stints of getting high on stuff you can’t even pronounce, someone who has it “in the bag,” you ask yourself, “what the hell am I missing here?” The answer: Your behind […]

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Palessa is on Tap! #TapMyStory

If you’ve never heard of the Tap app, you’re not the only one. I just found it and loved it. It’s so addictive, so fun that I came up with a couple of Tap chat stories of my own! Check them out: SWEET TREAT👉 👈 it’s funny (I hope) and ‘WE’LL MEET AGAIN’ 👉 👈 which is sci-fi-ish and is still ongoing!

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