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Sacked & Tackled was this idea that come to me in a flash. I mean, I actually came up with the concept, the teams and some of the first characters I wanted to write about. It was exciting and I dove into it so heartily, I was a bit nervous.

Sacked & Tackled is something newer than what the typical sports series stories present. Firstly, the head of the league I’m talking about is a woman! Women love football and understand the game as well as any man and I thought it was time to have a woman lead a league!

The first story, Tobey Fine,  is about a player, who mends his ways. Now, this may sound like a cliche, but the story itself goes a little deeper than boy meets girl and they get together suddenly.

As a result, some of the theme songs tended to be a bit more seventies and nineties pop. But the one thing I love about the songs, most of them, is the lyrics.

I have to admit that I kinda like Tobey’s bad boy theme song by Enrique Iglesias. If you get a chance, check out the video on iTunes. Talk about hot and hedonistic.

Niveah Wallace

 Niveah Wallace Character Theme Songs: Movin' on Up - Tobey Fine

Movin’ on Up

 Niveah Wallace character Theme Songs:Where is the Love - Tobey Fine

Where is the Love

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Niveah’s still burning from the embarrassment she felt at the hands of Tobey Fine. Her need to get back at him for the wrong he did her reminded me of one of my favorite songs by M People. She does believe that moving on is the best revenge but she also feels the need for that touch of in-your-face payback. Where Is The Love by Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack comes into the picture when she finds out that feeling have big question marks. The duet between them is that perennial harmonious war that’s rising in Niveah.

Tobey Fine

 Tobey Fine's Character Theme Song: Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You)

Tonight (I’m F*in You)

Tobey Fine's Character Theme Songs : Close to you

Close To You

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Tobey is a player. He’s not to be tied down. He’s all about it and while he’s not flaunting his conquests, he’s not shy either. That’s why I chose the explicit version of Enrique Iglesias’ song (video is hot without the F-bomb). Even though Niveah was more than he expected, he’s up to the challenge. He’s definitely good at whittling down her resistance…until he gets surprised, shall we say.

Blake Berrios

Blake Berrios Character Theme Songs:Lean on Me - Tobey Fine

Lean on Me

Blake Berrios Character Theme Songs - What Would Happen - Tobey Fine

What Would Happen

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Blake is Tobey’s friend but he and Niveah have a special bond. They’re best friends. They’ve been there for each other for some of the of the roughest times. Leaning on each other is what they do. But Blake’s feelings are about to rear themselves in an intense way and that’s why Meredith Brooks is so great as a theme song for that part of Blake’s life. What Would Happen is all about that hidden and forbidden, which comes through in a touch or a smile.

Jake Sangster

Jacob Sangster Character Theme song: Mortal Kombat Theme

Mortal Kombat Theme Song

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Jake is Niveah’s right hand. He’s a former hacker who’s mended his ways. He’s on the straight and narrow but still has his ties and connections. I love the Mortal Kombat theme for him because it’s a video game theme but it’s just fun, fast-paced and intense, which is part of what Jake is.

Natalie Bond (nee Baumgartner)

 Natalie Bond Character Theme song:Sk8r Boi - Tobey Fine

Sk8r Boi

 Natalie Bond Character Theme Song: Punishment Fits The Crime -Tobey Fine

Punishment Fits The Crime

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Natalie is Tobey’s ex. What happened between them is touchy but Tobey knows that her reappearance means trouble. She’s the one who traded in a good thing for the fickle life of fame. Sk8r Boi isthe story of that kind of tradeoff so it’s a great theme for that phase of her life. The Ramones’s song is one that came up in research. When I heard it I felt it for Natalie. Now the song is about murder and prison. That isn’t Natalie’s bag but the idea of reaping what you sow  is definitely her lot.

Relationship between Natalie & Tobey

Theme Song for Natalie & Tobey's Relationship: Idiot - Tobey fine
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Along with individual character theme songs, I got a feel for the relationship between the two characters. Of course, Natalie and Tobey were lovey-dovey at first but when things went bad between them, it turned rancid fast. This song by Lisa Marie Presley is pretty raw. It’s not about the pretty words that some write about when it comes to breaking up. This is about hatred and not wishing your ex well. This is Tobey’s feeling for Natalie and, to an extent, hers for him. Theme song for Niveah & Tobey's Relationship: Seth The Night to Music - Tobey FineThis is when love turns to hate and indifference just doesn’t work.

Relationship between Tobey & Niveah

Set The Night to Music

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When I first heard this song, I just loved it. I can still play it after all this time and not get tired of hearing it, it’s that special to me. There’s a particular scene in this story where this song just hits all the right notes. It’s a moment between them that’s unusual and touching. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter moment between them.

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