Did Palessa Fall Off the Face of the Earth? and Other Questions You’re Not Asking :)

Last Updated on July 16, 2015 by Palessa

So, um…did you really?

Maybe…I like the idea of falling off the face of the earth for a bit. Anyway, I needed the break and it’s a nice new normal for me every once in a while. Writing is intense for me and when I get the chance to do it, the story pretty much owns me. So after I put out a draft of a couple of new stories, I took a break. In fact,

I’m still on a break and it’s done me good. I started brainstorming for the new series that will start with Quinn Baxter‘s story and finally introduce the world to Sandro Milayet and Mia Merced.

For those of you who read the Baxter Family Saga, Sandro’s name is familiar. He’s a character that’s been in my head for a bit over a year now and well, it looks like he’ll finally be introduced in 2016 with the new series I’ve tentatively named “The Lost Ones.” Sandro is special. Molded by his life as a rich man’s son, he’s got his own way of doing things and in some cases, it’s unfortunate. I don’t want to give too much away but the idea of Sandro and Mia was inspired by a cartoon episode that I watched years ago that just hit me in a way I wasn’t expecting. It stuck with me and when this idea of Sandro, XKR and Mia Merced started to really take shape, I was in shock. So I’m going to be tackling that story soon.

One of your books is on sale for 99¢? Which one?

When I wrote Eyubea Girls, I knew that it would be a tough sell. The challenge was because it’s historical fiction and not a full-blown historical romance, not bdsm/erotica. If anything, it’s more women’s fiction, coming of age and even new adult, which doesn’t really exist  as a subcategory of historical fiction. It’s got drama, suspense, a bit of sex but I think a lot of people get nervous about the word “historical.” I was working an event and asked the question and found that some people don’t like the language or were going to be bogged down by the history like they were in school. For others, they read only certain genres or certain types of historical. Well, for those who are open to giving Eyubea Girls a chance, it’s available for 99¢ for a limited time as a part of the Hot July 99 promotion. Sixteen books for 99¢ each. Different genres, different tastes, there ‘s something for everyone. So please check it out! 🙂

Where’s SNT 2? You’ve been talking about it FOREVER!!!!

Devereaux Cox, Sacked & Tackled 2 is tentatively scheduled for release in August 2015. It’s been a bit of an up/down journey. Stuff happened and that’s when you have to roll with the punches or get rolled. The roster of new works is still pretty hefty and Beau Coup, even with the recent changes BUT we’re slowing down a little, which seems counterintuitive in the book publishing world because we want to really help get each other out there and that takes time. I’ve taken a page from that book and have slowed down as well. I definitely appreciate the fact that I don’t have a publisher who’s breathing down my neck every day. I like that kind of room a lot. So what I’ve done is just decided to take even more time to get my stories straight. This break helped me plan and really get a hold of some ideas that were floating around. They’re not perfect. Truth be told, the ideas are downright ugly-looking but it’s got ways to go. I’m pretty much “booked” for another 10 years or more so hopefully, you won’t get tired of me 😉

Here’s a teaser for you:

Teaser for Devereaux Cox, Sacked & Tackled 2 by #Palessa

You’ve got OTHER stuff going on too?

Writing is my love but I’m an entrepreneur from childhood who’s been working on starting an online store. Slowly but surely, I’ve been putting stuff together and I hope to get that fully done by the end of the summer. I have another project I’m looking to launch later this year for other authors to help get the word out but it’s still in the planning stages.  Not to mention I want and need to have some other help in place to pull it off.

One thing I have been really focusing on is marketing. I am doing events and posts. I even wound up in Facebook jail for working in groups and so, well, I’m DONE with that but am always looking for different formats to use to help me reach more people. During my downtime, I played around with an idea that put me in front of an app named Garage Band. Those of you with Macs know this app and well, I learned a bit about it too. I came up with this idea and while it’s rough, I like the idea of using some audio to share with people. Here’s an example of what I came up with on Soundcloud. There’s more to come with this but I think this is a GREAT start to a new avenue.

So what about the new stuff you were talking about earlier?

There’s a character that’s been with me for a while: Lulu. I’ve been looking for a way to share her story. So I decided to go back to the beginning of Lulu and that piece of her life in Orelle County. Don’t know exactly when in 2016 it will be shared but it’s on the way.

Teaser of upcoming story - Orphan of Orelle County. by #Palessa


Another story I’m working on is called House Divided and it’s a backstory for Niveah who’s Tobey Fine‘s love. Will be working to figure out what to do with this one but for now, here’s a rough draft of this WIP:

He raised his eyes to his wife as he finished then corked the wine. “You mean the dinner for Niveah we should be having as she’s your youngest child whom we haven’t seen in over two years?”
“That’s her choice. She knows where we live.”
“Oh we’re back to this again. You have some resentment over something she did or didn’t do that no one else knows about but you. Can you blame her for staying away?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Damian. I fed her, clothed her and wiped her little baby butt with she shit herself.”
“You mean, being a mother. Niveah doesn’t owe you a thing, Toyah. She doesn’t owe you her life when you’ve got a damn good one of your own. She’s got hers. ” Toyah was about to open her mouth when Damian held up his hands. “Stop. You decided to botch her first day back and tomorrow you are going to make sure we have a lovely family dinner to properly welcome her. Be nice, Toyah. Despite how you treated her, she still came home for a visit. Consider yourself lucky and be nice.”

Well, that’s ALL I’ve got for now. Stay tuned as next month is my birthday and I hope to have some fun stuff happening then. What can I say, I am excited and happy and all sorts of other stuff. YAY!

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