Excerpt Sneak Peek of Baxter Family Saga: Book 2

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So after I finished Book 1 the one character that just spoke to me was Grayson. His transformation in Unchained Hearts begged for some exploration and I’m so glad I did. His story will be very different from Cass’ in many ways. It’s more intensely emotional and as I was writing, there were some parts where I misted. It was tough to see him go through what he did. He’s does come out on the other end and with this story, you’ll understand more about how.

Now, as those who read it will note that Book 1 had a little loose end, a question mark, if you will. It will be answered in Book 3…probably, if things go the way I plan. I do plan to take a bit of a breather for a bit, research and understand more about it so just believe me when i say that this is the year of Baxter BUT there are some other ideas floating around in my head that I can’t ignore.

So, here is a really rough draft of Book 2, tentatively titled Portrait of Gray.  It’s in the first stages of editing and I will admit that I left a bit of an opening for another branch to be explored…but let’s just work one story at a time, shall we?

Portrait of Gray is the story of Grayson Baxter, older brother of Cass, who is touched by tragedy in ways that put him on the road to finally learning who he really is and who he’s meant to be.

Rough Draft Excerpt – Rated PG-13 to PG

“Close your eyes,” she ordered.


“Just do it.”

Grayson complied. He heard a rustling sound, light footsteps, and then she said, “Open your mouth.” He tried to partially open one eye and she barked, “No peeking.”

When he did, she gently placed something round. He closed his mouth and when he broke the chocolate shell, molten lava of milk chocolate coated his tongue.

“Oh my God,” he moaned. “What is this?”

“My cousin came back from Switzerland and brought these. She snuck them in a stuffed animal with a note. I tasted one and I couldn’t stop. Good thing she sent me two bags.”

Chocolate was on the list of forbidden foods for many of the residents. It wasn’t that they could never eat it but at a time when their bodies were healing, it could trigger a sugar attack, according to Damian.

Looking at Bindi, Grayson narrowed his eyes, “How many have you had?”

“Three or four,” she admitted coyly. He kept staring at her. “Maybe seven or eight.”

He made a quick dash and grabbed the bear, holding it high. “I think I should store these with me for safe keeping.”

“Like hell you will,” she said, jumping to try and get the bear from him. Why did he have to be so damn tall and why wasn’t her five-foot-eight height enough. She stopped momentarily and thought of a different tactic. She poked him in the ribs. That produced the reaction she needed as he gasped and lowered his arms. She did it again and Grayson felt his knees weaken. It was a good thing the bed was right behind him. He had no idea he was even ticklish and unfortunately had no way to fight back against the assault.

Bindi grinned evilly enjoying the torture she was inflicting. Holding her close was the only move he thought to make. He held her and their laughter died down. Her hot breath moistened his lips. He looked in her eyes and saw them burning bright. He had never seen a more beautiful sight in his life.

They leaned into each other and their lips met. At first it was tentative, tender, as if they were testing and teasing each other. Then their passions flared and their tongues fought for delicious domination. Grayson moaned. A part of him wanted to run away. The intensity he felt overwhelmed him. Sensing his trepidation, Bindi pulled away.

“It feel like it’s your first time, doesn’t it,” Grayson nodded, his breath ragged. “It’s like you don’t know what to do and you just want to run away.”

“How did you know?” He asked her.

Bindi got up from him and she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, keeping her eyes on his. There it was, that sensuous curve he remembered from that night at the pond. He stared at her, licking his lips. “I’ve been there. The sensations of pleasure you feel, it’s like you’re drowning and need to come up for air.” She unhooked her bra and gently shrugged it off, her succulent breast spilled over and Grayson felt his manhood come to life. She unbuttoned her skirt and panties, shimmying them from her hips. She stood there fully, naked and unashamed…

The goal is a release of April 2014 and so far, I’m on schedule for that .

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