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Baxter Family Saga Book 2: Portrait of Gray by Palessa

Because really, chocolate is the beginning of all things erotic… hopefully 🙂

“Close your eyes,” she ordered.


“Just do it.”

Grayson complied. He heard a rustling sound, light footsteps, and then she said, “Open your mouth.” He tried to partially open one eye and she barked, “No peeking.”

When he did, she gently placed something round. He closed his mouth and when he broke the chocolate shell, molten lava of milk chocolate coated his tongue.

“Oh my God,” he moaned, chewing. “What is this?”

“My cousin came back from Switzerland and brought these truffle balls. She snuck them in a stuffed animal with a note. I tasted one and I couldn’t stop. Good thing she sent me two bags.”

Chocolate was on the list of forbidden foods for many of the residents. It wasn’t that they could never eat it, but at a time when their bodies were so new to the healing process, milk chocolate could trigger a blood sugar spike, according to Damian.

Looking at Bindi, Grayson narrowed his eyes. “How many have you had?”

“Three or four,” she admitted coyly. He kept staring at her. “Maybe seven or eight.”

He made a quick dash and grabbed the bear, holding it high. “I think I should store these with me for safe keeping.”

“Like hell you will,” she said, jumping to try and get the bear from him. Why did he have to be so damn tall and why wasn’t her five-foot-eight height enough? She stopped momentarily, breathing heavily and growling at the satisfied look on his face. She had to wipe it off and that was when she came up with a different tactic. Narrowing her eyes, she poked him in the ribs. That produced the reaction she needed as he gasped and lowered his arms. She did it again and Grayson felt his knees weaken. It was a good thing the bed was right behind him. He had no idea he was even ticklish and unfortunately had no way to fight back against the assault.

Bindi grinned evilly, enjoying the torture she was inflicting. He was laughing so hard that he couldn’t breathe and if he was ever going to survive this he had to stop her. He put his arms around her and held her close to him. She squealed and laughed, pleading for him to let her go and give her the bear. She got an arm free and reached for it, her breasts brushing against his chest. Their laughter was dying down. Her hot breath moistened his lips. He looked into her eyes and saw them burning bright. He’d never seen a more beautiful sight in his life.

They leaned into each other and their lips met. At first it was tentative, tender, as if they were testing and teasing each other. Then their passions flared and their tongues fought for delicious domination. Grayson moaned. A part of him wanted to run away. The intensity he felt overwhelmed him.

Sensing his trepidation, Bindi pulled away. “It feels like it’s your first time, doesn’t it?” Grayson nodded, his breath ragged. “It’s like you don’t know what to do and you just want to run away.”

“How did you know?” he asked her.

Bindi got up from him and she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, keeping her eyes on his. There it was, that sensuous curve he remembered from that night at the pond. He stared at her, licking his lips. “I’ve been there. The sensations of pleasure you feel, it’s like you’re drowning and need to come up for air.” She unhooked her bra and gently shrugged it off. Her succulent breasts spilled over and Grayson felt his manhood come to life. She unbuttoned her skirt, then discarded it along with her panties. She stood there fully naked and unashamed.

Grayson looked at her up and down, feasting on her with his eyes. Her hips were round and full, her thighs athletically thick. She walked up to him, bathing in his gaze. Straddling him, she gently pulled his head to her chest. His hands instinctively went to her naked back and caressed her round bottom. Her skin was so soft, he loved the feel of her and her breasts. Moving his head around them, he found one and sucked hard.

“Yes!” she cried as he roughly latched his mouth onto her areola, letting his tongue form circles around her nipple point. Then he raked his teeth against her nipple, which elicited a sharp hiss. “Do that again.” He complied and he felt her back tense. He squeezed her buttock. She looked down at him and moved her hips over the growing erection inside his pants. “The other one is getting jealous,” she whispered wickedly and he promptly rectified that. Bindi threw her head back, moaning her pleasure and that only made his kisses deepen. She ran her fingers through his hair and continued to move her hips, reaching for him. She felt her sensual lips thickening and her channel moisten as Grayson’s fingers wandered from her voluptuous bottom to her channel.

The fear that threatened to make him run was subsiding, giving way to an overwhelming desire that set his blood ablaze. This was the first time he’d ever felt so completely taken in and he wanted more, he needed more. Bindi pulled away, standing in front of him. She gently pulled his shirt up and over his head. Grayson used each foot to pull off and kick away his shoes. He slowly got up and Bindi undid his pants. With her palms against his naked hips, she slid his pants and briefs down.

The feeling of her hands against his hips made him growl. Grayson had never experienced such unabashed sensuality and it made him want her even more. Kicking his pants away, he looked at her, caressing her face. Bindi gently pushed him back on the bed and straddled him anew. The sensation of her naked skin touching his made him hold her even closer. Her inhaled her scent and rubbed his hands over her, as if he was painting her skin.

Bindi moved one of his hands between them. “Time to explore,” she breathily muttered. She led his finger to her nub and moved it around. “Gently,” she directed.

Grayson followed her instructions and felt her hips arch into his touch. Without any prompting, he let his fingers wander further and Bindi moaned as he caressed her opening. Her eyes were closed and the moans became more intense, turning into cries. His excitement rose and when he added two more fingers to the play, her eyes flew open. “God, Gray. I need you.”

Grayson smiled. “Tell me what you need, Bindi.” She was dripping and he slightly curled his fingers. Her body tensed. She was gasping. “Bindi, tell me what you need.”

“I need you inside me, Gray, please.”

Grayson whispered, “Yes.” With that, he guided his rock hardness into her and nearly lost his mind in the joining. He thought feeling her nakedness and caressing her sex was as good as it got. He was wrong and he wasn’t even fully engulfed.

Bindi seemed to regain her senses and moved her body fully over his, absorbing him completely.

Her sudden movement made Grayson gasp. “God, Bindi, I…” He gulped. “I never knew it could feel like this.”

Bindi bent down closer to him and kissed him, biting and sucking, then licking his bottom lip before letting his tongue play with hers. She could feel his thickness pulsate within her and she kissed him harder, enjoying the feel of his hands on her naked back. Her nipples brushed against the hairs on his chest, sending electric chills throughout her body. His warm hands caressed her body hungrily as his kisses moved from her lips to her neck. Pulling back, she looked at his darkened blue eyes. “The ride’s just beginning.” With that she moved her hips sharply and Grayson let out a harsh breath. He didn’t know if he could hold on and the instinct to stop was creeping up again. Bindi felt his body tense and she cajoled, “Don’t fight it,” she whispered. “Let it happen.”

Grayson relaxed and moved his hips up hard. That made Bindi scream his name. He did it again, making sure she felt every inch of him in the process. What was once slow and tentative soon because more heated and he could feel something building from the far corners of his body, coagulating to his back and hips. Bindi was beyond speech, her body absorbing every thrust as she held him. The heat was building inside her and her blood trickled through her veins. One more thrust and she was home. She closed her eyes and let the rain of ecstasy wash over her.

Watching Bindi fly apart in his arms Grayson could feel the pressure intensify as it moved from his back to his hips and finally, to his balls. With one mighty push, he erupted with a guttural roar as his hips bucked, suspended from the bed. His body shook for what seemed like an eternity as he released every drop of what he had to give inside her. Afterward, he slowly guided them back down as she let out little whimpers of her own.

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