In 2016, Palessa declares her independence! New Year, Daring Opportunities

Last Updated on February 5, 2016 by Palessa

A very (belated) happy new year everyone! I typically try to do a post a month but Christmas was ridiculously busy and the food coma along with working through the ugliest rough draft I have ever written kept me away from posting. I had every intention of posting in January and then I got some news that changed EVERYTHING…

As most of you know, Beau Coup Publishing has been my one and only but they decided to close their doors in Jan 2016. Now, had this happened a year ago, I would have been freaking a bit but as I was planning to publish some stories independently in addition to having my books with a publisher, I was gathering my resources anyway. As luck would have it, I’m now fully independent and have no plans on changing that status any time soon.

I’ve got my editors and cover artists and all of those bases covered and was doing my own marketing anyway. It’s just that now, it’s ALL me and I’m okay with owning this fully now. My books have now been republished, which means new ASIN’s on Amazon and new links on other sites. Here’s the full roster of where to find what

Unchained Hearts, Baxter Family Saga 1 by Palessa☝Preview☝ Portrait of Gray, Baxter Family Saga 2 by Palessa☝Preview☝  

Story of Us, Baxter Family Saga 3 by Palessa☝Preview☝

Eyubea Girls, Growing Wild 1 by Palessa☝Preview☝ Tobey Fine, Sacked & Tackled 1 by #Palessa☝Preview☝ Devereaux Cox, Sacked & Tackled 2 by Palessa☝Preview☝
B&N Nook      
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Two things to notice

1) Tobey Fine is in Amazon’s KU program. This isn’t permanent and before the year is done, I will be taking it out. Even though it’s the first in the series, either book can be read as a standalone so that’s why I had no qualms about putting Devereaux Cox on other platforms.

2) You’ll notice that Apple iBooks is NOT on the list. Why? It seems that Apple doesn’t like the fact that I have one name. Here are their EXACT words:

Standard author name spelling (first and last name format) is required to publish to our vendor store sites. Please note: The author name listed in the metadata (using standard author name spelling) must match the author name listed on the cover art and in the interior file.

If you don’t have a first name and last name or you can’t play in their sandbox. I don’t know how Sapphire felt when she got that little note but I’m guessing she probably didn’t (her novel PUSH became an Oscar-winning movie named Precious).  Some may ask, why don’t you change? Honestly, I chose my pen name pretty carefully and the amount of work that has gone into building my brand already is not worth bowing to Apple. So no iBooks for me but, as I mentioned, there’s usually an app for everything so on of the other outlets should help me get in with the iBooks crowd, hopefully. That is, until I really am like Cher or Madonna or some of the more prominent one-named wonder, and I can have a conference with the powers that be at Apple. (I can dream, can’t I?)

As I said, it will be a lot of work but I’m committed FIRST and foremost to writing stories I want to read myself. And my process from initial draft to publication may take longer but to me, taking my time is worth it. If I don’t do that, not amount of marketing will work and I might as well just pack it up.

Speaking of marketing, I’m definitely working on some new ideas that will help to put me in front of readers who want to check out someone new. I will definitely share these when they take form but needless to say I am excited about 2016 and have been since 2015, which was a really transformative year for me.

Why stop now?


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