My Fellow Authors & Creatives : Is Your Hard Work Being Stolen?

Last Updated on May 26, 2018 by Palessa D

More precisely, is your work being plagiarized? That’s my first question.

Second question: Are. You. Sure?

Plagiarism is loosely defined as copying someone else’s work and presenting it to the public as your own. In almost every art-based industry, it’s a mainstay and it’s an insidious form of piracy that puts the onus on the victim instead of the thief.


As independent authors and creatives, we’re busy, creating, prepping, marketing, and so much more that comes with being a one-person brand.

Checking to see if our work is being used to line someone else’s pockets isn’t really on the list.

For one thing, it’s cumbersome. You have to go here and there with electronic paper and emails flying all over. You have no idea what’s going on or if anything is going on.

So it’s just easier to let it be and get back to writing while seething about the money you’re losing.

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You’ve heard plenty of stories of writers who make a ton of money only for someone to catch on that their book looked a little too familiar to another one they just read…

Maybe it looks too much like yours.

But how do you know?

If you’re going to get some real help, it’s got to be more than just a badge on your site.

What if you not only had the badge but also a case management system tha’ll help you keep track of your DMCA notices?Find out how you can keep an eye on your content with's protection program

When you have everything at the tip of your mouse, it takes a load off, doesn’t it?

When you serve your notices, you can see who’s doing (or not doing) what and you can take action.

You’re not chasing anyone or shaking your fist at the screen because you can’t find out what’s going on.

You can even get access to an attorney.

Yes. If you need that kind of help, it’s there for you.

For any artist who’s ever had their work taken and used for someone else’s profit without their permission, you now have the chance to get back what’s yours.

But only if you want to…
Protect your content with a's content protection program

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