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I tell stories; to me it’s that simple because it’s my calling.

I get excited about stories and I like to take my time because I want to tell stories better. I thought, if I write more, then I can accomplish this. That was nice in theory but the reality is that I am not a fast writer. There are some authors who can churn out a book a month and they sell like gang busters. My hats off to them.

I am one of those who needs a little extra time to make sure I sound like I know what I’m talking about. Plus, let’s be honest, sometimes the characters aren’t very forthcoming with what they’ve done or about to do and I have to wait for them to let me into their “inner sanctum.” I have come to terms with the fact that I’m a slow writer and to compensate for that, I make sure I don’t put a ton of pressure on myself by expecting 10 books a year.

So during my November downtime, I had an inspiration for a new series. I had finished writing Eyubea Girls, which took me about 4-5 months to write. I needed a bit of a break but a name kept popping into my mind. That one name led to two more and in the space of about 2 weeks, I had 2-3 rough drafts ready. With EG in the pipeline and the rough drafts for my new series ready, I started on another writing project. There are other Baxter stories that need to be told but aren’t necessarily a part of the main series. So I decided to tie up a loose end I left hanging in Portrait of Gray. I was excited, partially because I felt like I was starting to stretch a little after writing EG and was ready to give readers a backstage pass into the Baxters with Broken Mind: Palessa - Broken Mind, A Baxter Backstory (FREE READ) Whether you’ve read PoG OR you haven’t even started the Baxter Family Saga series, Broken Mind will give you a little taste of that branch of the Baxter family tree as well as my writing style, which has changed a bit over the last year or so. I’m offering it FREE to anyone who wants to check it out and if you’re not sure, you can read the first chapter on my page on the Beau Coup Publishing site. I hope you like it enough to download the full book and well, I hope you like THAT enough to check out the rest of the Baxter series 🙂

What can I say, I’m just an optimist so make me happy and check out the free read!

NEW Sports Romance/Suspense Series – Sacked & Tackled

After a bit of a break, I decided to dust off that new series I started in November. It’s sports-based series (some of the books with be romantic), but with a bit of a twist. The first book is about a character named Tobey Fine. The inspiration for him is a former football player named Will Demps. The minute I saw his picture I KNEW I had found Tobey in the flesh. Now, I don’t know this guy in any way, shape, or form. Had NEVER heard of him before I saw his pic but his visage was just perfect. Here’s the ROUGH blurb of Tobey Fine’s story as well as an introduction to the SFL:

Tobey Fine, the ‘Blasian Sensation’ is at the top of his game as the face of the Miami Medusas, a semi-professional Steinger Football League franchise. He is a player on and off the field who’s about to get played. Niveah Wallace is the founder of Carmicon Technologies, a software development company contracted to do a pilot game app featuring the Miami Medusas and team rivals, the Atlanta Mercury.  If this project goes well, it will put CarmTech on the map. When Blake Allan introduces his teammate to his best friend, the Blasian Sensation comes face-to-face with his reckoning. Still smarting from Tobey’s rejection years ago, Niveah has her chance for get him back but forgets that revenge can be a double-edged sword. Despite their initial tension, Tobey and Niveah grow close in a way neither expected but inside the SFL there’s trouble brewing as a piece of Tobey’s past threatens to upend his present and jeopardize his future. He will do whatever it takes to keep his love no matter who he has to fight to do it. Sacked and Tackled is a behind the scenes look at how the rules can break the game.

Here’s a REALLY ROUGH excerpt of the book which I hope will be released in the next few weeks:

“So, are we having dinner now or should we make another date?”

Here we go, she thought. Niveah chuckled lightly at his bold assumption.

She sat back in the booth and looked at him squarely.

“This was not a date, Tobey. This was a business meeting. We probably won’t see each other much after this as I’m reassigning your part of the project to someone else as soon as Jake goes on leave. ”

Shot down again. Nothing he did was working and he just wasn’t sure why. He still couldn’t shake the feeling that he knew her. At that point, he just decided to come out with it.

“Every single time I see you, I get the strange feeling that we’ve met before or know each other from somewhere. Have we?  Did we…”

“Slow your row, there,” she responded quickly, holding up her hand to forestall that thought. “We didn’t do anything like that.” She heard him sigh with relief but he still scowled. “You really don’t remember, do you?” Confirming that nagging suspicion he had when they met, Tobey eyed her more intensely. “No, I suppose you wouldn’t, would you? It was for the Burlee charity, the one for Lupus. You were my prize…”

I had a lot of fun writing this story as well as the next one in the series. Want to know more about that one? Stay tuned…

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