Palessa’s Ebooks Available at Local Libraries Worldwide!

Last Updated on March 19, 2023 by Palessa D

Available from libraries that can lend ebooks!

That’s right! All of my books are on worldwide networks that make ebooks available to libraries. Patrons with access to their local libraries can borrow these ebooks just as they would print books. This makes it available to a wider variety of readers who are open to checking out new stories and newer authors.

If you’re interested in borrowing any of my ebooks from your local library, ask the librarian how you can. 

Now, bear in mind that libraries have tight budgets. While my books are available on the system, their budget may not make the providing access to those books possible, at least not immediately. The library may make that book available at a later date. With enough requests, it may be made available sooner.

 At any rate, please visit your local library and ask for my books by name. It’s a great way to help local libraries and indie authors at the same time.

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