Portrait of Gray, Other news including a NEW Cover and a ROUGH excerpt

Last Updated on September 21, 2014 by Palessa

Ok, I have been busy working on many things INCLUDING a new non-Baxter story I have coming. It’s a historical piece…a bit intense because the outline was supposed to be light and airy. The first draft took me on a bit of a journey. I’ve released a snippet of

it upon being prodded by some of my author colleagues and so far, there are some nuggets of goodness (more on this later). However, the self-editing phase will take me some time BUT I am hoping for a December release IF the publisher likes it (hope they do).

Speaking of which, there are some great things brewing at Beau Coup for us. Gumbo Ya Ya, our online radio is a GO! The schedule is still in the works but for anyone interested in following it, HERE is the link…The idea is to provide a platform for BC authors and others as well. It should be fun especially with the diverse roster of writers we have. It will be great for all of us to venture into another medium to chat about our books and ourselves. It’s really a great move on so many levels and I’m glad we’re heading in a more expansive direction.

Next, from 9/19-9/21, Portrait of Gray is on sale for just $1.89 for the first time. As we just released Story of Us, I thought it would be a great opportunity to encourage readers to check out Grayson’s story. It’s an emotional ride with some hot spots. Check out the FULL chocolate scene and judge for yourself. This sale ends on Sunday Sept 21, ’14!

Now for the announcement I have been waiting to share. I asked the publisher if I could do some rebranding. The funny thing about writing this series is that I’ve gotten to know the characters so much better and felt like I needed to give the first book a bit more OOMPH! Well, Sable said yes, despite the fact that it’s a very unusual request. I saw the mockup about 4 weeks ago and nearly jumped out of my skin because it was just beautiful. Well, it’s OFFICIAL. Meet the new cover of Unchained Hearts:

Unchained Hearts, Baxter Family Saga 1 - Author PalessaThe original picture I chose was nice. It was my first book. So yeah, it worked. This is MUCH nicer and gives me the OOMPH I was looking for. Love the colors, it pops and will hopefully get some more attention. I am excited about this rebranding and hope to really get more readers to love the Baxter story as much as I do!

I know I have one more story to go in the main series and Quinn’s story will come out in the first half of the year. It will feed into a new story involving a new character I mentioned in Story of Us…This is a story that’s been rolling around in my head for a bit and I’ll be glad if everything I plan for that one comes together.

There are more announcements BUT until we get the OK, mum’s the word.  In the meantime, here’s that little snippet from the new story I’ll just refer to as “EG”


Patrick’s blood was like lava and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Letting out a wrathful growl, he curled his fingers into a white knuckled fist and raised it to her. He stopped suddenly seeing his wife shake with fright as she cowered behind her hands, murmuring unintelligibly. His chest heaved as he gathered his senses and slowly lowered his hand. What he was about to do, what he did, was not like him. Vivian had successfully drawn him into her degenerative madness that caused her own father to beat her mother into a bloody pulp. He had vowed to love and cherish her all the days of his life in spite of her drunkenness, in spite of her gambling, in spite of everything that she had done to make him stop. He fought every test she administered until now. All it took was that one moment when he had raised his hands to his own wife for him to realize that he had already lost the fight. He didn’t know when; he just knew that he was done.

Vivian was still mumbling and crying when Patrick curled up the paper and threw it at her. She flinched. “It is finished.” He muttered, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. His heart broke but he felt freer than he had in years. He turned and left her whimpering and cowering. Vivian was no longer his priority. His only thoughts were Lisbette…


When it’s decent, I’ll share more. For now, that’s enough 🙂

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