Portrait of Gray is OUT! Let the fun begin

Last Updated on April 22, 2014 by Palessa

Baxter Family Saga Book 2: Portrait of Gray by Palessa

Well, it’s out. Grayson’s story is definitely going to be a more intense one than Cass’ but his history is much different than that of his brother as well.

Here’s the description:

Grayson Baxter, first born of Julian and Joan, has always been the prodigal of the Baxter clan. He’s been deep into drug use since he was a teenager. As his brother Cass enters a new phase in his life and is headed towards taking over the family business, Grayson’s drug use worsens. With the help of his friend, Jerry, he plans to break away from the family that hates him but something goes terribly wrong. After tragedy strikes and with the help of a unique facility, he gets his life back. As he discovers and pursues his desire to become a therapist, he falls in love with Bindi Gail and they start a life together until he has to make a decision that tears them apart.
As he navigates an unexpected turn of events, Cass disappears just as he and Virgilia were about to embark on a cruise. Grayson works to find out what happened and befriends a police officer with whom he has a special history. Carla Genny is a bright officer, a budding detective being eyed for a special hybrid of the Bureau and local police. Their professional relationship turns to friendship and becomes more as she, along with specially chosen members of the squad, works with him on a serial rape case that’s scaring Miami. The existence and protection of a special witness puts the team on high alert. It’s during this last assignment that Carla’s training is put to the test and Grayson’s love is realized…

So celebrate the release, I’m having a Facebook Party on Thurs April 24, which should be fun.

Also if your open to checking it out before the party, here’s an excerpt:

[gigya type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowFullScreen = “true” width=”320″ height=”240″ src=”http://cdn.freado.com/freadoBookReader_Jan07_14_01.swf” flashvars=”bookID=18354&pagenum=0-1&authorID=36731&bgColor=000000&title=Portrait+of+Gray+%28Baxter+Family+Saga%29&prevImg=http://cdn.freado.com/cdn/img/meta/books/fb/dfa2c6bda5c0421dd691d992a225b6ee.png&twitterUsername=&prize_id=&prize_relation_id=&subscribed=0&show_cover_first=0&top_ten=0&enabled=1&height=705&width=1089.5454545454545&swfHeight=792&swfWidth=612&screenheight=725&screenwidth=1137&excerpt_version=0&widgetwidth=320&widgetheight=240″]

It’s been one heckuva journey and well, this is just the beginning. 🙂

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