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Character Theme Songs: Portrait of Gray

When I did the first character theme song post, it felt smoother. I’ve been living with the Baxter Family Saga for years now (and won’t stop anytime soon) but the story of Unchained Hearts, the characters and their drama have dug deep. I was able to really pin down the songs that were in my head. Portrait of Gray, the story of Grayson Baxter, is a bit more complicated because it’s so emotional. Which shouldn’t […]

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Character Theme Songs: Unchained Hearts

Sometimes when I’m writing, I’ll have a song on repeat in my head because that song embodies the character, the situation or maybe a meaning I never realized until I paid attention to the lyrics. Basically, that song is trying to tell me something. To me, songs are stories or poems set to music. There isn’t a decade that hasn’t produced notable songs, despite what some aficionados may claim. It’s just that some years or […]

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