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Official audio trailer of Eyubea Girls PLUS new version of Unchained Hearts is LIVE!

Two things are happening right now! First, I’ve been working and planning and now, it’s here. The official audio trailer of Eyubea Girls is finally on SoundCloud. I am excited! Listen Here ☞http://bit.ly/1Sl3QBo and tell me what you think! PLUS, as it’s my birthday weekend, Unchained Hearts, updated with extra scenes is LIVE. From Friday 8/7 – Monday 8/10 it’s FREE! Grab your copy today Click☛http://amzn.to/1hlEr7H

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Did Palessa Fall Off the Face of the Earth? and Other Questions You’re Not Asking :)

So, um…did you really? Maybe…I like the idea of falling off the face of the earth for a bit. Anyway, I needed the break and it’s a nice new normal for me every once in a while. Writing is intense for me and when I get the chance to do it, the story pretty much owns me. So after I put out a draft of a couple of new stories, I took a break. In […]

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NEW COVER REVEAL: Eyubea Girls is almost here!

I started writing this book in June 2014. It was, what I call, my “rabbit hole” ride because it was supposed to be a simple football story inspired by the World Cup. Then I met them all and that’s when the journey began. This is my first step into the historical fiction genre and I’m mindful of how sensitive some people can be about their #HisFic but the minute I handed it to the publisher […]

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