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Sacked & Tackled 2 is with the publisher…now what?

Last year, I was fortunate enough to have some downtime by being offline. Now, the first time that happened in May 2014, I wasn’t happy about it at all. Facebook is my means of communicating with my friends, fans, publisher…a lot of people. For me to go dark like that, I was just…I didn’t know if I could handle it. But I had to because my ISP was being “difficult” and I needed to find […]

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Baxter Family Series is OVER plus Sacked & Tackled

So, I’m in the throes of editing and promoting and other stuff that I want to and NEED to do. To say I’ve been busy…is an understatement and I’m good with that. In the midst of everything I was having a conversation with someone about teasers (I’ve become a PicMonkey addict and I love it) and that’s when it hit me. The Baxter Family Series is OVER Now, I wrote Story of Us back in […]

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