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Last Updated on March 13, 2014 by Palessa

I’m having a bit of fun reading the editor’s notes on Book 2 and I have to say, I’m happy that there weren’t so many red marks. It means I’m improving…I hope. So as I was writing and reading and editing and clarifying, the theme of Russian roulette was pretty prominent in my mind.

There’s a section with that title and in it, Grayson experiences one of a few tough episodes in his life. Some people may accuse me of putting him through hell. This is where that “plausible deniability” comes in. As a fiction storyteller, I am just telling the story that the characters share. I’m the go-between, or, if I want to go all paranormal, the medium. So when I was deciding to have a tag line, I had no idea what I was doing and found this line in a song by a group I had never heard of. I couldn’t use it in the book because there could be lawsuits (hate the fact that writing has become so litigious; I couldn’t even add a quote from William Blake, who’s been dead for 200 years. It’s like he was going to come from the dead and retain counsel or something. But I digress…).

However, the theme inspired something in me and it just felt right and appropriate to represent the story. So here it is, my attempt to be a poet (it even rhymes)

Tagline for Baxter Family Saga Book 2: Portrait of GrayIt fits, so it ships 🙂

Now, I have been trying to find a way to just expand the brand and that means linking up all my social media accounts. I decided to go back to the one network I hadn’t been using as much. Pinterest. I knew it had potential but I was so wrapped up in FB and Twitter. That’s not bad but now that I have visuals to work with, visuals of my own, I think I can safely add Pinterest to the mix.

Check out Palessa on Pinterest! You will see teasers that I’ll be creating plus some of my promo podcasts and guest posts. Feel free to follow whatever you like. And yes, I have pins on food. Lots of food. I like food so, that’s just it.

Check out the Unchained Hearts board where you’ll see a few teasers I cooked up. There are more coming, but these are impromptu and they were actually quite fun.

So that’s my story. I’ll be releasing excerpts from Portrait of Gray to my mailing list in about a week and a half. The first of 4 so if you want to get a sneak peek,  I’m going to be releasing the new teasers first there too so please feel free to sign up!


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