What’s On Deck? Palessa Goes Wattpad…Sorta

Last Updated on March 12, 2017 by Palessa

It’s been a time and while I have every reason to believe that 2017 will be just as good as 2016, if not BETTER, I must admit to a bit of doubt. It’s like taking one step forward and then two steps back sometimes. What can you do but keep moving?Anyway, I wanted to just update everyone on some new developments that I’m actively working. 

I have always been kind of nervous about sharing stories that aren’t fully ready. By “fully ready” I mean, it’s been through no less than 5 edits by me, before it goes to beta. Then edited again after beta, and then more editing with a professional editor, which is usually about 2 solid edits and one final read through. And even then, I’m not 100%, but am willing to let it go out into the world.

With Wattpad, I’m sharing less filtered stories. These will be edited BUT it won’t be put through the ringer. It’s not about perfection, it’s about getting the story out and I’m finding a lot of really cool stories I’m reading are being enjoyed by many people (including myself) and are not really professionally edited. I’ll put my story through my ringer and beta but that’s it. I’m letting the readers judge the story. It’s an experiment, a risk, but I’m willing to take it because I have a lot of stories I’ve wanted to share for free in addition to my regular books.

Second Wattpad Story

Earlier this week, I made a choice that I think will work out well. I decided to delist my book Eyubea Girls and offer it free on Wattpad. I have been working on getting more eyes on it and in weighing all options, making it available on Wattpad made sense. I really like the platform and I’ve been focused on gaining some traction on it for Broken Mind. It seems to be working and I’m encouraged. I’ve already posted the first few chapters and will post more when I can. If you are a Wattpader, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think of Lisbette’s journey so far,

What’s On Deck?

Teaser of upcoming story - Orphan of Orelle County. by #Palessa
Oh, wishful thinking…

Back in 2015, I posted this cool teaser of a story I had been working. See the date…2016? Well, it’s 2017, isn’t it? I’m happy to say that this will also be released on Wattpad. Lulu’s story is the first book in the series and I have just downloaded the new cover, which I will not share quite yet. But my goal is to introduce Lulu and slowly peel back the layers of Orelle County. This should be my third Wattpad story and I’m excited to finally sharing it, when it’s ready enough. I start editing this in the next couple of months. I’ll definitely keep you updated on that.

Another Story Coming Up

This is part one of another draft I’ve been working on. This is going to be released on Wattpad later this year (hopefully, if I get the story right). It’s inspired by a story I heard and it made me think about what if. This will be my 4th free story and I’m again, a bit nervous about it but I promise to give it my best shot.



Now, in addition to this, I am working on Baxter 4 and will hopefully start my edits of it later this year, (goal is July). Then I’ll be going through the process of beta, professional edits, covers etc. For that book. I am planning something special. I want to do giveaways on Instagram. It will be unique and something I’ll need to set up as these items are related to the book and Quinn’s life, which is definitely a different turn than her brothers’. I have to say, she’s been through one helluva journey that includes a life-altering trip to Jamaica! I had fun with some of those scenes.




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