Downloaded My Books Preview Including WIP Story Sneak Peeks?

Thank You for downloading the previews of all my books (so far) including my sneak peeks.

It means a lot that you’ve taken the time to join my mailing list, especially with everything that’s going on. I hope you enjoy the stories, including my story in progress, UnForgiven.

What did you think of Baxter Book 4 and/or UnForgiven?

Share in the comments as I’m excited about the story. It’s a true labor of love for me, considering I wasn’t planning on expanding the saga further. Quinn Baxter’s story needed to be told and I hope I did it justice.

I’m working to get this fourth book in Baxter Family Saga series out by late 2018 or early 2019 at the latest. This story that needs to be handled carefully. So, let me know what you think about it in the comments.

As far as UnForgiven, this story is still being written/edited/expanded. It should be ready by 2019 at the earliest, as I have a few other stories to share with you all first. To be honest, I NEVER share my works in progress!

With. Anyone.

A few lines here an there, sure. But not the whole, rough, unedited thing. But I thought, why not take a chance? Someone might think it’s pretty decent!

Do I to repeat this trend?

Dunno. 🤔 I guess we’ll see.

Again, THANK YOU for joining my mailing list. I look forward to sharing some other exclusive material with you all, including new book covers, expanded scenes, and more. I may even ask your opinion on some scenes and blurbs. You all will get access to a lot before EVERYONE else.

Remember: Please leave me a comment about *gulp* my sneak peeks.


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