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If you want a good book that’s a fun, short read novel, Sacked & Tackled 1, Tobey Fine is a football romance that’s all about a player forced to change his game by the woman he’d forgotten. One person’s moment of insignificance is another’s lesson to learn. This funny, steamy story shows that when it’s right, you fight

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Tobey Fine, Sacked & Tackled 1 by Palessa A Sports romance about a football player who meets his matchDon’t hate the player, change the game…

Tobey Fine, the Medusa’s ‘Blasian Sensation’ face-to-face with his reckoning.
Niveah Wallace is the founder of a software development company contracted to do the SFL’s first pilot game app featuring the Miami Medusas and team rivals, the Atlanta Mercury.
Still smarting from Tobey’s rejection years ago, Niveah is presented with her chance to clap him back for what he did. Despite their Tobey Fine by Palessa, a steam interracial romance about a football player who meets his matchinitial fallout, Tobey and Niveah grow close but a piece of Tobey’s past threatens to upend his present and jeopardize his future. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep his love no matter who he has to fight to do it.
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Sacked & Tackled is a sports fiction series about the players behind the game. The Steinger Football League (SFL) is a legacy semiprofessional football league. Behind the athletes and players of the game, is a story.

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