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This next book in the Sacked & Tackled series, Devereaux Cox is an intense sub-200 page  interracial love story that’s equal amounts of steamy romance, family drama and a few surprises. A football romance that touches the heart and fires the blood. If you’re looking for a story you can get lost in for a couple of hours, check out Dev’s story.

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Devereaux Cox, Sacked & Tackled 2 by Palessa Painful Truth meets comfortable liesA Painful Truth Meets Comfortable Lie

As the 6’5″ juggernaut of the Atlanta Mercury, Christopher Devereaux Cox is a top SFL player and a credit to his family and his name. As problems threaten the SFL organization, the only woman he ever truly loved and lost comes back into his life.  Rebekka Stallman, a physiotherapist for the league cast as an unwitting scapegoat in all of the troubles. When she and Dev meet again, Rebekka grabs the chance to unleash her fury on her former boyfriend, who turned his back on her when Read Devereaux Cox by Palessa. A hot interracial love story for adults filled with lies, drama and steamy romanceher life took a painful turn.
But things aren’t what they seemed then or now.
Secrets and lies will be exposed as Rebekka forces Devereaux to question everything and everyone he ever trusted, including himself. The juggernaut must decide whether the life he yearns for, a second chance with the woman he still loves, is worth the price of holding on to the comfortable lies.

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