Baxter Family Saga Collection

Every Generation Pays for the One Before

Baxter Family Saga Collection: Books 1-3 by Palessa D.
Books 1-3 of the Baxter Family Saga

Cass Baxter peered at the thick folder before him. When he reintroduced himself to his grown daughter, Kyle Avery, he had no idea it would unearth some of the secrets he was forced to forget. Cass wasn’t even certain he wanted to relive the well-placed lies that caused his father and grandparents to make the kinds of choices that broke their own hearts. But, there it was before him. As he and his bother, Dr. Grayson Baxter, exchanged glances, Cass lifted the cover to begin the journey. He was never a man to hesitate at anything. If what his investigator found would help him make sense of losing Virgilia again, there was no time to waste hiding from his family’s past.

Baxter Family Saga Collection Contains Books 1-3, with Extended Scenes and a Sneak Peek of Baxter Family Saga 4!